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Lifestyle Goals?

Are Lifestyle Goals

This month’s Mighty Money Minute is about making smart decisions when it comes to setting lifestyle goals. Have you thought about where you want to live after you leave college? Do you want to drive a new car, or will you make do with a used ride? It’s never too early to start thinking about your options.

It’s important to realize how your choices now might affect your financial future. One area that will have a big impact on your finances is your college loans. Don’t borrow more than you need; you eventually have to pay it back — no excuses. School loans are for tuition and school-related expenses, not for a Spring Break trip to the beach. Borrowing too much while you're a student will lead to more debt later, possibly shrinking your lifestyle options for years.

As you visualize your ideal life after college, keep reality in mind. Before you mentally cash your first big paycheck, do a little planning with one of the tools below.

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