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TG's Focus on the Environment

TG is committed to improving the world we live in by working diligently to make higher education available to more families and students. We also feel that, as a property owner and member of a larger community, we have a civic responsibility to protect and conserve the environment.

Over the last several years, TG's Energy Management Team (EMT) has taken a close look at TG's business processes and resources. The EMT's goal has been to increase TG's energy efficiency and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The team's efforts have been successful: TG has cut its energy consumption and carbon emissions significantly since 2004. TG has also been awarded the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) prestigious ENERGY STAR label for its corporate facility.

The EMT continues to look for ways to promote energy efficiency and conserve resources. Many of TG's team members are committed to the same cause, and have adopted conservation measures at home.

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