About TG


Corporate Overview

TG's Vision

Our vision is that people receive trusted guidance to make informed decisions and improve their lives.

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TG's Core Values


Values are at the core of human behavior. That's true of individuals. And, as a company represents its collective individuals, it's true of a company, too. TG's core values are:

  • Take personal Responsibility
  • Treat people with Respect
  • Demonstrate unquestionable Integrity
  • Be of Service to others
  • Commit to Excellence

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TG's Diversity Statement

TG values a diverse workforce, reflective of those we serve. We recognize and celebrate individual differences, backgrounds, and experiences as key elements to better serve our customers, provide our employees the opportunity to realize their full potential, and to fully achieve the corporation’s vision.

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Who is TG?

TG is a nonprofit corporation that promotes educational access and success so that students can realize their college and career dreams. TG offers resources to help students and families plan and prepare for college, learn the basics of money management, and repay their federal student loans. In addition, TG administers Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) loans made on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education.

As a student loan guarantor, TG has guaranteed more than $74.2 billion in loans to more than 4.5 million student borrowers and their parents. TG continues to provide life-of-the-loan support for TG-guaranteed loans of almost $14 billion.

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