College Access and Success


College Access and Student Success

Community outreach, counselor support

TG delivers resources to help families and students learn more about the value of higher education. Some include:

For more about TG's outreach initiatives, view the following informative and engaging videos:

Student and family support

To support families and students, TG offers many programs and resources on locating financial assistance for college. These include:

TG philanthropy

Giving back helps to build success. TG offers a variety of programs to support efforts to enhance access to higher education. These include:

  • Competitive grants to non-profit organizations through TG Philanthropy
  • Research grants to develop a body of knowledge about critical elements of student success
  • Funding directly to students through Charley Wootan grants

Enrollment management

Educators benefit from TG's enrollment management resources. Some include:

Here are other documents located on that you may be interested in:

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