Texas B-On-Time Loan Resources


Texas B-On-Time Loan Resources

The B-On-Time (BOT) Loan Program provides zero-interest loans to Texas undergraduate students. Since the program is designed to encourage Texas students to complete college in a timely manner while meeting high standards, the loan can be forgiven for students who meet certain requirements.

To help students reap the benefits of the BOT loan, TG has produced a suite of free resources that schools can use to increase awareness and understanding of the program.

  • Loan Counseling Module (online version)
    This online presentation, called "A Guide to the Texas B-On-Time Loan Program," is aimed at borrowers in the process of taking out a BOT loan, and will help answer their questions about the terms of the loan, its availability, how repayment works, and how to qualify for loan forgiveness once they graduate. At the end of the session, a borrower can print a certificate to verify that he or she completed the counseling module.
  • Loan Counseling Module (in-person version)
    This is the same module as above, created in a downloadable PPT format designed to enable financial aid officers to administer an in-person counseling session on the Texas B-on-Time Loan Program. Its companion piece, an informative workbook, is also available below.
  • Loan Counseling Module Workbook
    This workbook accompanies the BOT loan counseling module, and includes a quiz, example stories, important questions for students to consider, and a glossary.
  • The Texas B-On-Time Loan Program: What do I need to know?
    This overview brochure is aimed at prospective BOT borrowers and details the information borrowers need about eligibility requirements, terms and conditions, and requirements for loan forgiveness.
  • The Texas B-On-Time Loan Program: A guide to repaying your Texas B-On-Time loan
    Aimed at borrowers who have recently left school or will soon, this brochure describes the BOT loan repayment process, including the obligation to pay the loan back, what to do if a borrower has difficulty making payments, and the qualifications for loan forgiveness.
  • Texas B-On-Time Loan GPA Calculator
    This calculator is intended to help BOT borrowers determine how many course hours they should take per semester, and the GPA they may need to achieve in remaining courses in order to qualify for renewal or apply for loan forgiveness after graduation.

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