Coming soon: gainful employment (GE) informational rates

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On March 21, ED released GE E-ANN #33 that notifies schools about the forthcoming release of gainful employment informational rates, the method which schools will receive these rates, and related enhancements to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).

FY 2011 GE informational rates
ED reminds schools that the GE data schools provided last fall has been used to calculate the informational rates for FY 2011. Schools will receive these rates for each of their GE programs. The information provided will include a program's:

  • Loan repayment rate
  • Debt-to-earnings rate
  • Debt-to-earnings discretionary income rate, and
  • Loan medians specific to the following debts: FFELP and FDLP loans, private education loans, and institutional financing plans. Since these medians are intended for disclosure purposes, schools will need to review and update loan medians that they currently disclose for each GE program. This results from the interim guidance in Dear Colleague Letter GEN-11-10 that indicated that a school would use its own calculated loan medians "until such time as the Department provides that loan debt information."

Schools should also be aware that while the informational rates will be made available to the public they will not result in any sanctions or adverse actions by ED.

Sign up now to receive GE notification package by the deadline
The announcement outlines important steps that a school must follow to sign up for and receive the GE notification package via the Student Internet Gateway (SAIG). The school's Primary Destination Point Administrator (PDPA) must make updates under the Primary Destination Point Administrator Access on the SAIG Enrollment website. After logging into the PCPA Access, the administrator will select Manage Your SAIG Mailboxes from the PDPA management page. The school's PDPA must sign up to receive the NSLDS GE Notification and designate the SAIG mailbox to which the GE notification package will be sent. The school has the flexibility to create a separate mailbox or use any existing one. However, the mailbox must be associated with the school's main campus. The main campus has the '00' branch code as part of its six digit OPEID.

Along with the informational rates and loan medians, ED plans to include GE letters and detailed, back-up data for each calculation in the GE notification package. While a school will be able to view their informational rates and obtain the back-up data in NSLDS, the school will not be able to obtain the descriptive information about its rates that will be in the GE letters sent to the designated SAIG mailbox.

The deadline for signing up to receive the package via the SAIG is April 27, 2012.

Future changes to NSLDS
Once the informational rates are released, schools will have the ability to review their rates under a new GE Debt Measure option that will reside under the Org tab in NSLDS.

Under the Report tab, four new GE reports will be available from the Report List. The reports available will provide schools with the back-up data for each debt measure calculation and the loan median calculations. Schools will be able to request the reports by a specific GE program(s) or by the calculation year. Once requested, reports will be sent to the SAIG mailbox associated with the user who requested the information.

Finally, when these reports are available in the near future, ED will post the record layouts on the NSLDS Record Layouts page on IFAP.

ED points of contact
The announcement provides a variety of contact points to help schools as they encounter questions, as summarized below:

  • For questions related to NSLDS, contact NSLDS customer support at: 800-999-8219 or by email at
  • For questions about the SAIG, contact CPS/SAIG Technical Support at: 800-330-5947 or by email at
  • For questions about GE, see the Frequently Asked Questions section of ED's Gainful Employment Information Page. Policy questions can be submitted by email to ED at:

More resources to help
Visit TG's Program Integrity Final Rules Web page for one page summaries on the GE requirements and to access a recording of the TG webinar on the GE requirements.

For questions, please contact TG's Customer Assistance team at (800) 845-6267, or send an email message to

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