Repaying Your Student Loan



At TG, we understand that sometimes even your best-laid plans to repay your student loans can be affected by life's changes — such as unemployment, economic hardship, or maybe a decision to go back to school to further your education.

Whatever the case may be, you may find it necessary to temporarily postpone repayment of your student loans. You can do this by applying for a deferment.

You are entitled to defer, or postpone, your student loan payments when you meet certain eligibility criteria and you request a deferment.

Deferment forms are available that cover many deferment types. The most common deferments are in-school, unemployment, economic hardship, graduate fellowship, and rehabilitation training.

Select the statement below that best describes your situation. The statement you select will take you to a description of a deferment, a list of eligibility requirements for that deferment, and the option to read, complete, download and print the deferment form.

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