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Temporary Total Disability Deferment

"I am, or my dependent or spouse is, temporarily totally disabled."

The Temporary Total Disability Deferment is a deferment for borrowers who are temporarily totally disabled or unable to secure or continue employment because they are caring for a dependent or spouse who is temporarily totally disabled.

The maximum cumulative time frame that you may receive this deferment is 36 months. Eligibility must be re-certified every six months by your physician (or your spouse's or dependent's physician).


You may qualify, if:

  • You have an outstanding balance on at least one FFELP loan that was made before July 1, 1993.
  • You are, or your spouse or dependent is, temporarily totally disabled.
  • You are unable to work and earn money or go to school for at least 60 days in order to recover from an injury or illness.
  • You are not requesting this deferment based on a condition that existed before you applied for your loan(s) (underlying loan(s) in the case of a Consolidation loan), unless your condition has since substantially deteriorated, and you are now temporarily totally disabled.
  • You are requesting this deferment based on the disability of your spouse or dependent, and your spouse or dependent has an injury or illness that requires at least 90 days of continuous nursing or similar care from you, which prevents you from securing full-time employment of at least 30 hours per week in a position expected to last at least three months.

How to Apply

  1. Download the Temporary Total Disability Deferment Request in English or Spanish.
  2. Carefully read the entire form. Certain documentation may be required.
  3. Complete, print, and sign the deferment form. (To enter information into the interactive form, place your cursor in a field or tab from field to field. Turn interactive check boxes on and off by clicking on the box.) Have the physician complete Section 4 or attach separate documentation from the physician that includes all of the information requested. Mail the form and any required documentation directly to your loan holder. Only your loan holder can approve your deferment request.
  4. If you need further assistance, please contact your lender or servicer or TG's Default Aversion team.

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