Default Prevention


Default Prevention

Default Aversion Self-Assessment Tool

With so many competing priorities, how can your school make its default management program more effective? TG's Default Aversion Self-Assessment Tool can help you gauge the effectiveness of your school's default aversion activities and focus improvement efforts where they are needed most.

Use TG's Default Aversion Self-Assessment Tool to:

  • Evaluate your current processes and goals
  • Identify areas of strength and areas for development
  • Compare your recent CDRs with other institutions in the same school segment
  • Request additional assistance from TG default aversion consultants

The assessment focuses on six areas related to or impacting an institution's CDR.

Assessment Tool Focus Areas

  • Default plan and committee
  • Enrollment management
  • Current default rate and trends
  • Information sharing with current students
  • Communication with and tracking of previous borrowers
  • Working with on-campus and off-campus entities to advance default aversion

Results from your self-assessment can serve as a stepping stone for strengthening a plan to reduce your school's CDR or for talking with a TG default aversion consultant about crafting a plan. Click on the link at the right to get started.

See how your school measures up.

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