Default Prevention


Default Prevention

School consulting

Preventing and reducing default is a collaborative experience. Schools often form committees from various campus departments, which work together to spearhead default initiatives. In the same vein, TG offers its own expertise via default aversion consultants who work with financial aid and student service professionals, providing an outside perspective on what schools can do to enhance their default management efforts.

Here's how TG's consultants offer help:

  • Consulting on current campus programs — Consultants bring years of experience to their craft, often working with both schools and students. They provide insight about how to educate students and communicate with borrowers, suggest strategies schools can follow to enlist campus buy-in, and recommend ways to build communicative relationships with other institutions such as servicers.
  • Default aversion plan expertise — TG's consultants offer help in evaluating a school's default aversion plan that considers technology, strategic enrollment, and student needs, among other things.
  • Staff training — Consultants lead "train-the-trainer" sessions so that schools can educate students on smart student loan repayment. They also provide webinars and seminars on such industry topics as the CDR thresholds that can trigger benefits or sanctions.

Meet the consulting team.

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