Default Prevention


Default Prevention

In a changing industry, you need reliable, experienced support from a company dedicated to default prevention. TG offers that experience. With 35 years in the student loan industry, TG understands the challenges borrowers sometimes face. We also know the demands on your time and resources. To help, we provide repayment support to you and your borrowers in multiple ways.

TG's approach to managing default

Read about TG's comprehensive approach to helping borrowers in repayment and to working with you to prevent and reduce default.

Information Resources

Cohort default rates 101
Learn the basics of 2- and 3-year cohort default rates, including how to challenge your draft rate.

Default prevention webinars
Listen to archived webinars on numerous default prevention and borrower repayment topics.

Ongoing research and analysis
Stay informed with TG's latest research on default and enrollment trends.

Helping borrowers with split loans
Offer loan management tips to your borrowers who have multiple loans with multiple servicers.

Counseling borrowers
Find out how TG's teams of default aversion counselors help borrowers to stay on the path to repayment.

Tools and Training

Debt management resources for borrowers
Provide your borrowers extra support with TG's loan management tool, assorted calculators, and financial literacy resources.

Entrance and exit counseling
Request training materials prepared by TG.

Texas B-On-Time Loan Resources
Browse a list of TG resources designed to help students understand the Texas B-On-Time Loan Program.

More help

ED servicer information
Contact ED's servicers by phone or email.

Other default prevention Internet resources
Access industry resources on default aversion.

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