Enrollment Management Journal: Student Access, Finance, and Success in Higher Education

Winter 2011 Issue

Scholarship and Research

  • What Enrollment Management Structures Reveal about Institutional Priorities
        Scott Andrew Schulz, Jerome A. Lucido
  • How Does Money Help? Students' Perceptions of the Effect of a Monetary Incentive on Completion of a Summer Bridge Program
        Heather D. Wathington, Joshua Pretlow, Claire Mitchell
  • Taking the Family to College: Understanding the Role of Family in the Resiliency of Hispanic Students at a Predominantly White Midwest University
        Monique Mendoza, Jeni Hart, Stephen Whitney
  • International Graduate Students: How Do They Choose Academic Majors?
        Jia Ren, Linda Serra Hagedorn, Michael T. McGill
  • Do Minority Students Ever Become Connected to Community Colleges?
        Elizabeth R. Przymus

From the Field

  • Establishing a Tribal College and University Pre-Engineering Partnership
         Heidi M. Sherick, Sheree J. Watson
  • Access to College Education (ACE): Metropolitan Community College's Intervention for At-Risk Students
         Cynthia K. Gooch

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