TG Student Financial Education Program


TG Student Financial Education Program

Students need financial guidance at every step along the path toward higher education. They need help in learning how to manage their money, pay for college, repay their student loans, and build a solid foundation for their financial future.

Particularly with the unprecedented rise in student loan debt, it's critical that today's students be well educated about financial issues. They must take full advantage of financial aid programs, borrow wisely, be credit savvy, and make it across the finish line of student loan repayment.

That's what led to the creation of the TG Student Financial Education Program. We built this robust curriculum of modules to positively influence the financial behaviors of students and families. The focus of the program is to help learners build a basic level of knowledge to manage day-to-day challenges and reach their financial goals leading up to, during, and after attainment of higher education.

Is your institution interested in providing these modules to the students you serve? If so, TG provides extensive resources and support. Read on to learn more about the program and how we share it with fellow college access and success professionals.

TG offers the TG Student Financial Education Program, including print materials, at no cost to Texas secondary and postsecondary institutions. Certain Texas community-based organizations with missions that focus on college access and success may also be eligible. Current institutions and organizations outside of Texas that have already been trained on the program will retain access to the program's materials online. Contact your TG Student Financial Education Consultant for more details.

Structure of the Program

The interactive TG Student Financial Education Program provides "ready-to-roll" training materials so college access and success professionals can offer those they serve a high-quality financial education training event with minimal effort. The program's modules are designed to be conceptually "sticky," which means that the material is presented in small chunks of memorable content. The TG Student Financial Education Program also covers a range of topics — such as applying for financial aid, enrolling in community college, saving and investing, building spending plans, meeting college costs, and repaying student loans successfully.

Strategies for gaining and holding attention include frequent guided interaction (about every 90 seconds), a high visuals-to-text ratio, and animated graphics. The modules can be mixed and matched in different combinations.

Generally, each module contains:

  • A 15-minute presentation and speaker script
  • A workbook for each participant (including a section for notes, FAQs, a glossary, and a list of suggested resources for further study)
  • A 15-to-20-minute activity (to reinforce learning objectives introduced in the presentation)
  • A program evaluation form (to be completed by each participant)


So how do you get started? We train you to offer the program's modules to aspiring or current college students (and their families), and provide you with access to materials that complement the modules. We do this through a Train-the-Trainer program, available either in person for a group or online via webinar.

To request a Train-the-Trainer event, contact your TG Student Financial Education Consultant or complete our online request form.

  • In person: For a group of professionals who would like to be trained to be able to use TG's modules, we can come to your site and deliver the training in person.
  • Webinar: For one or more professionals who would like to be trained to use TG's modules, every quarter TG will provide a series of scheduled webinars for all the modules.

Program Development and Enhancement

In addition to our Train-the-Trainer program that provides access to our ready-made student financial education modules, TG provides additional training sessions for institutions to enhance their own in-house programs.

  • Financial Education — Making It a Reality on Your Campus (Part 1)
    Everyone on your campus knows that it's time to implement a strong financial education program, and they often look to the financial aid office to make that happen. But, but, but… it seems that obstacles abound. In this session, one of TG Student Financial Education Consultant will outline a plan of action and suggest appropriate resources and alliances that will ease the transition to providing financial education services for your students. It's often said, "it takes a village" - let TG's experts assist you in making a financial education program on your campus a reality now.
  • Financial Education — Making It a Reality on Your Campus (Part 2) — Digging Deeper
    Whether you've had Part 1 or not, this session will take you beyond the basics of what it takes to implement a successful financial education program. Topics include the importance of building a team and stating program objectives, defining success by improving retention and learning, and marketing the program for maximum visibility and participation. Additionally, the session will give real-world examples by highlighting and reviewing case studies of existing programs. Finally, presenters will talk about the importance of program evaluation.
  • What's in Your Financial Literacy Wallet?
    Does your student financial education program meet the core competencies as developed by the Department of the Treasury? Are your students and parents developing the financial literacy skills required not only for accessing and persisting in college but also successfully managing their lives in the workforce? In this session participants will learn the Financial Literacy and Education Core Competencies and the presenter will demonstrate how to teach each one in relation to students' and parents' lives. They will also receive information about financial literacy tools available to them. Financial literacy programming information and other handouts will be provided.
  • The Tools of What you need to know about getting to college, staying there, and paying for it!
    This session provides an overview of TG's public service website, Adventures In Education (AIE™) which features a scholarship search engine, college cost calculators, budget worksheets, and a variety of other free money management tools. In addition, participants learn about the unique scholarship opportunities TG offers. Do you need a source for inspiring and educational videos that include 250 career profiles and financial aid application completion guidelines? Are you looking for that great newsletter just for students or another one just for counselors? Oh, and you need a lot of resources in Spanish as well as English? just might be your new BFF!

Please ask your TG Student Financial Education Consultant about additional professional development and enhancement trainings that TG may be able to provide.

TG Learning Center

Many TG Student Financial Education Program modules are also available online through the TG Learning Center. This online learning environment expands the program's reach, making the curriculum available for a broader audience. The TG Learning Center is an engaging training resource accessible via myTG, a central online portal for accessing TG products and resources. Once you are signed up to use the TG Learning Center, you can establish a learning plan and start directing students to take their financial education training online.

TG offers the TG Learning Center at no cost to Texas colleges, and to certain colleges outside of Texas that have borrowers with TG-guaranteed loans. Contact your TG Student Financial Education Consultant for more details.

Other Questions

For other questions related to TG Student Financial Education Program, contact TG at (800) 845-6267 or send an email message to

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