Government Service

Core Competencies and Experience


TG's primary call center can be reached through a toll-free line to answer questions regarding all types of student financial aid programs. Representatives average 16 years of industry experience, and respond to callers from any state, rendering services without intent to furthering TG's business. TG has English- and Spanish-speaking call center representatives to assist families and students with their questions on higher education access and financing, the student loan process, and student loan repayment options.


TG's research and analytical services team provides extensive reports on the state of higher education, financial aid, and student loans. In addition, TG's research team is often called upon to share their expertise in monitoring and reporting on industry trends in higher education financing.


TG has extensive knowledge of and experience in interpreting and providing guidance on federal and state statute, regulation, and policy. TG has participated in multiple negotiated rulemaking activities at the federal level, has developed public policy positions within the higher education industry, and has been a go-to policy resource for the Department of Education and other agencies.


Through multiple communication channels, publications, and services, TG prevents hundreds of thousands of borrowers per year from defaulting on billions of dollars in loans. Our borrower-centric approach encourages those who enter repayment to make a smart start, and those who fall behind in repayment to find a solution that suits their financial situation and keeps them on track.

Information Security Program

The corporation has built an information security program, overseen by its chief information security officer, that has prepared TG for a wide range of business opportunities. All security policies, procedures, associated tool sets, and practices within TG's information technology, operations, and administrative functions were designed to implement the applicable National Institute of Standards and Technology Information Security (NIST) standards.

TG's security and privacy controls are integrated into technology products and systems, data management, operational processes, procurement, human resources, and work in concert with TG's records management and business continuity programs. Moreover, TG's physical facilities have been upgraded to comply with NIST standards.


TG is known for its customer service, which is not sacrificed as a result of operational efficiencies. TG has an annual customer satisfaction survey administered by an independent, external third-party vendor. TG has received consistently high marks on this survey. Our most recent 4.6 score on a five-point scale in FY 2013 reflects TG's success in managing costs without sacrificing quality.


TG provides a robust program intended to positively influence the financial behaviors of students and families. The focus is to help learners to build a basic level of knowledge to manage day-to-day challenges and reach their financial goals leading up to, during, and after attainment of postsecondary education.


In collecting defaulted debt, TG educates the borrower on ways to resolve the default, and encourages the borrower to engage in positive repayment practices to repair his or her credit. TG's approach to default recoveries emphasizes offering options that provide greatest benefit to the borrower. TG's in-house collections department — the largest of any guarantor — is a performance leader and is the only one fully licensed for collections in every state in which licensure is required to collect debt.


TG helps to make students and families aware that higher education is possible, and that the lack of personal financial resources is not necessarily a barrier to achieving educational goals.

  • Websites
    TG maintains two public-facing websites:
    • TG's corporate site, TG Online, provides information on TG's overall activities and services as a public nonprofit organization.
    • TG's public service website Adventures In Education (AIE™) helps students prepare for college and career, and learn the basics of money management.
  • Outreach
    TG's outreach efforts help to make students and families aware that higher education is possible, and that the lack of personal financial resources is not necessarily a barrier to achieving educational goals.

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