The TG Learning Center


The TG Learning Center

Nowadays, few people know the meaning of a "regular" school or work day. For most students, any hour of the day holds the potential for learning, productivity, and growth.

For students and families, there seems to be more to learn and less time to learn it. The TG Learning Center helps by teaching directly-relevant concepts clearly, concisely, and accurately.

For students and families, the TG Learning Center offers:

  • Financial education courses (including four courses available in Spanish)
  • Intermediate Student Loan Counseling
  • College Access and Student Success

Flexible delivery

The TG Learning Center allows student users to:

  • Pick and choose from TG's course offerings
  • Access additional online resources to deepen their learning
  • Monitor their progress with built-in results tracking

The TG Learning Center allows institutional users to:

  • Incorporate sessions into online courses
  • Access additional online resources to help deepen students learning
  • Pair sessions with in-person presentations
  • Generate reports drawn from tracking data

Dynamic participant experience

Participants benefit from the TG Learning Center's:

  • Interactivity. Learners do not receive information passively; they actively make their own choices in the learning environment.
  • Self-paced instruction. Learners choose when to stop, start, or repeat course components as they wish.
  • Gradable quizzes. Learners can assess their knowledge gained on each module.

Easy setup and access

  • Access the TG Learning Center through myTG.
  • For student users, the portal allows self-registration, and self-service password reset.
  • For institutional users registration, please contact TG's Product Support at 800-332-1455, or by email at

Contact TG

For support of the TG Learning Center, please contact TG Program Analysis by phone at (800) 845-6267 or by email at

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