The TG Learning Center


The TG Learning Center

Enlightening financial education courses for students and families

To be successful, students need sound financial education skills so they can make the right decisions when it comes to their finances. Increasingly, institutions and organizations (such as schools and community groups) are helping to meet the call for financial education training. However, some schools may want an online resource to help them expand their student reach.

The TG Learning Center is that resource. It helps professionals develop, implement, and improve their financial education initiatives, and provides tools and training that helps students learn the critical financial skills they need to succeed.

Financial Education modules from the TG Student Financial Education Program, which continue to be very popular as in-person sessions facilitated by TG presenters, or by graduates of TG's Train-the-Trainer series, are also available through the TG Learning Center, and a broader audience can benefit from the program's enriching and engaging curriculum.

TG Student Financial Education Program courses

  • Present concepts in small chunks of memorable content
  • Have a high visuals-to-text ratio with animated graphics
  • Teach a range of concepts (such as skills in managing credit, how to get a credit report, and the basics of how interest works)

Twelve financial literacy modules of the TG Student Financial Education Program are available through the TG Learning Center. These courses also include supplemental games to reinforce the concepts learned in the courses themselves.

Four modules — College Costs: More Than Tuition, Credit Basics: How Money Works, Setting Goals: Getting There, and Spending Plans: Meeting Goals the Simple Way — are also available in Spanish.

Additional features

The TG Learning Center courses add several features to the in-person modules, including:

  • Short videos depicting the kinds of financial questions, issues, and problems that students may typically encounter outside the classroom
  • The additional layer of interactivity that comes with self-paced instruction (students can choose when to stop, start, or repeat course components as they wish)
  • Anytime-anywhere convenience, with online access available 24/7
  • An assessment element, including a gradable quiz

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