The TG Learning Center


The TG Learning Center

Reinforcing key concepts through intermediate student loan counseling

To ensure that student borrowers are continuously educated about their loan rights and responsibilities, TG, in collaboration with the Council for Student Financial Success in Higher Education (Council), developed resources designed to reinforce concepts that were introduced during student loan entrance counseling. Although not federally mandated, the modules are intended to serve as refresher courses for students who may benefit from repetition of the subject matter. They include key concepts for student borrowers who are in their second year, third year, or further into their program of study. The two modules include:

Know What You Owe: Tracking Your Student Loans
This training module emphasizes the importance of tracking student loans to achieve successful loan repayment.

Plan for Success: Preparing to Fulfill Your Student Loan Commitment
This training module provides a review of available repayment options and loan responsibilities for student loan borrowers.

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