TG Philanthropy


TG Philanthropy

TG's Board of Directors established TG Philanthropy, recognizing that nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions were in the best position to determine and propose specific solutions to address issues of college access and success for the students and families they serve.

TG intends that the primary beneficiaries of the proposed programs be students who are from low- to moderate-income families. In addition, the competitive process favors proposals that also aim to serve the needs of first-generation college students or students who are from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in undergraduate and graduate education, which may include nontraditional or adult learners.

Since 2005, TG has awarded more than $34 million in project-based grant funding, and $365 million in funding for student financial aid. Information on the project-based funding guidelines, deadlines, and a listing of prior awards made are all available through the links in the left-hand column.

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