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The primary focus of TG's philanthropy has always been to improve postsecondary access and completion for low/moderate-income students. Recognizing that student financial aid plays a critical role in student success, TG made substantial contributions to student aid in Texas during 2013. As a result of these exceptional contributions, TG anticipates a significant reduction in available funding for new projects in 2014. While organizations may submit an LOI with an intended start date in 2014, TG may defer consideration of requests until 2015 or later. TG staff will respond to any LOI requests within 15 business days of submission.

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Please note: Applying organizations are limited to two awards per year. University applicants are encouraged to coordinate applications through their respective sponsored projects, corporate/foundation relations, or advancement/development offices. If TG receives additional LOIs after making two awards to the same organization within the fiscal year (Oct. 1 through Sept. 30), we will notify the organization and ask them to withdraw the LOI.

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