Policies and Regulations


Policies and Regulations

TG keeps pace with the latest changes in higher education statute, regulations, and policy. Consider TG your go-to source for information on the ever-changing student aid rules.

Statutory Resources

Higher Education Act
Download and research the statute that authorizes most of the federal student aid programs.

Higher Education Act Legislation
Learn about recent legislation that impacts the Higher Education Act.

Regulatory Resources

Federal Regulations
Download and research regulations on several federal student aid programs.

Negotiated Rulemaking
Stay up to date with negotiated rulemaking activities.

Policy Resources

Dear Colleague Letters
Access DCLs issued by the Department of Education.

Federal Student Aid Handbook
Download and access this guide on administration of the Title IV programs, issued annually by the Department of Education.

Common Manual
Download and research this industry-maintained manual, and access valuable related tools.

Interest Rates
Review the latest updates on current and historical interest rates.

IRS Resources for the FAA
Reference information applicable to completing verification, resolving conflicting information, and advising students.