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First published in December 1995, the Common Manual: Unified Student Loan Policy is a cooperative effort of the nation's guarantors that currently participate in the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). The Common Manual is an indispensable resource for participants in the FFELP and contains current federal student loan information. The manual is one of many efforts by guarantors to simplify and streamline the federal rules and regulations for the FFELP, and provides a single, standardized policy guidance for schools and lenders.

TG is pleased to provide several online Common Manual resources to enhance schools' and lenders' research capabilities and provide them with the most up-to-date information about the FFELP:

For additional Common Manual resources, including proposals out for comment, instructions for submitting comments, training resources, and Archives for past updates, please visit the Common Manual website at


The annual update of the Common Manual is released each July as the Electronic Common Manual (ECM) and in paper form. As new policies are approved throughout the year, updates and revised pages are posted.

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Common Manual Updates

Common Manual Updates (also known as bulletin language) provide explanations about, and reasons for, policy changes. To ensure a complete understanding of policy changes, click on the Common Manual Updates link in the right margin to view the most recent month's bulletin language.

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Revised Pages

A separate portable document file (PDF) containing revised pages is made available each time the Common Manual is updated. These PDFs are then archived for future reference. If a user maintains a paper copy of the Manual, the user can print the PDFs and insert the pages to update the paper copy. Click on the Revised Pages link in the right margin for the most recent month's pages. Note: Revised pages are not intended to replace current pages but, instead, are intended to show changes as a result of a policy update.

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