TG Publications


TG Publications

TG creates and maintains a variety of higher education publications that benefit students and families, as well as schools and community organizations. You may access and download these publications by following the links below.

Awareness and Financial Aid

This page includes brochures offering practical guidance on planning for and financing higher education.

Enrollment Management and Degree Completion

This page presents studies, research reports, and literature reviews focused on enrollment management, educational access, student retention, and student success.

Default Aversion

This page contains publications aimed at helping borrowers understand and successfully meet their repayment obligations and guidance to schools to help reduce default.

TG Philanthropy Case Studies

This page serves as a glimpse into some of the more progressive efforts to increase underrepresented student access and success in higher education.

Spanish-Language Resources

This page provides Spanish-language versions of publications aimed at helping families and students plan for, succeed in, and finance higher education.

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