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Common Questions

Default Prevention

Discover the tools and support that encompass TG's comprehensive approach to managing default.  More >

TG Student Financial Education Program

Get the training you need to present a first-rate financial education training event with minimal effort.  More >

Training Opportunities

Attend TG's high-quality training for your students and your staff, both online and in-person.   More >

Policies and Regulations

Stay current with the latest changes in higher education statute, regulations, and policy.  More >

Forms for Download

Access all of the Office of Management and Budget-approved Federal Family Education Loan Program forms.  More >

Order Free Materials

Request printed forms, brochures, publications, and other materials direct from TG — free of charge.  More >

Resources for High School Counselors

Learn how TG can help you help your students achieve success beyond high school.  More >

TG Publications

Download a variety of publications that benefit students, families, schools, and community organizations.  More >

TG Research

Enhance your higher education program knowledge through TG's informative research studies and publications.  More >

Resources in Spanish

Make the most of TG's Spanish-language resources to reach more of those you serve.  More >