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Shoptalk, January 2000

Common Manual Update Index

The following index includes Common Manual Updates from July 1999 through December 1999

2.1.B., 5.4, Appendix G Definition of Parent Edition 98
4.4 School Reporting of Borrower Social Security Number Changes Clarified Edition 96
4.9.B., 7.4.B., 7.6.C., 8.8.E., 9.1.A., 9.2, 9.5, A.1.B., A.2.B. Regulatory Technical Corrections Edition 99
5.2.A., 6.2.C., 6.2.E., 6.3.C., 6.3.F., 7.9.E., 7.11, 7.11.E. Regulatory Technical Corrections Edition 98
5.7.B. Defining Student Enrollment Status Edition 96
5.7.E. Cost of Attendance Components Revised Edition 100
5.7.H. Applying Stafford Aggregate Loan Limits Edition 100
5.7.H., 5.7.I., 5.7.J. Increased Unsubsidized Stafford Eligibility for Health Profession Students Edition 98
6.2 Loan Disbursement by Lenders Edition 97
6.2.F. Consummated and Unconsummated Disbursements Clarified Edition 97
6.3.E. Three-Day Delivery Period for EFT and Master Check Edition 97
7.9 Deferment Time Limits Edition 99
7.9.A., 7.9.B. Conditions for Authorized Deferment Edition 97
7.10.P. Economic Hardship Deferment Requirements Edition 100
7.11.C. Mandatory Forbearance Documentation for Borrowers in Americorps Edition 100
8.1.D., CCI8.1.D. Final Demand Requirement Clarified Edition 97
8.2.H., CCI8.2.H. Unauthorized Signing of Loan Documents by a School Edition 98
8.2.H., CCI8.2.H. False Certification Loan Discharge Forms Edition 100
CCI8 Common Claim Initiative Effective Dates Clarified Edition 97

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