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Shoptalk 106, June 2000

Annual Revisions to the Common Manual Published

The 2000 edition of the Common Manual will be distributed in hard-copy format to Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation (TG) participating schools and lenders beginning July 1, 2000. The updated Common Manual includes all policy changes and enhancements approved by the Governing Board through April 2000. As in years past, it will be mailed automatically to TG's customer database.

Customers can preview the 2000 manual on TG Online ( under "Schools & Lenders"). Although this version does not include links, it can serve as a valuable tool until the linked electronic copies are available.

In July, TG will begin updating its online version of the Common Manual (the integrated version). At that time, TG will replace the 1999 edition with the 2000 edition of the Common Manual to serve as the base document. TG will then add changes approved during May and June and proceed with monthly updates as new or revised policies are approved. The integrated version is located on TG Online.

Because of the advantages offered by using a Common Manual that is 100 percent current, as is the integrated version, TG believes that most of its customers will use the integrated version instead of the electronic Common Manual diskette. However, TG will continue to offer the 2000 electronic Common Manual diskette upon request. Diskette versions will be available in August or September.

To receive a copy of the electronic Common Manual contact TG's Customer Support Group at (800) 252-9743, ext. 4444, or send an message to

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