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Shoptalk 106, June 2000

New Appeal Process for the Common Manual

The Common Manual Governing Board recently implemented an appeal process, providing the Federal Family Education Loan Program community with additional opportunities to assist in policy development. Contributors and those who comment on policy proposals now can request that the Governing Board review recommendations that were not accepted by the Policy Committee.

Opportunities for Appeal
The appeal process recognizes three opportunities for appeal:

  • First, when a proposal is declined for advancement by the Policy Committee.
  • Second, when a comment submitted as a result of community review is not incorporated into the policy.
  • Third, when a policy proposal has not been brought to the Board for consideration within eight months of submission to the Committee.
The Governing Board chair will appoint a task force to monitor the appeal process and to report to the Board. This task force will be appointed within one year of the final adoption of the appeal process.

Access to Common Manual Updates
The Policy Committee will delay releasing Common Manual Updates in order to give a concerned party time to appeal a recently approved policy. Due to this delay, TG will provide Common Manual Updates in Shoptalk a month later than TG customers are accustomed to and in the integrated version of the Common Manual approximately ten days later. The online, integrated version of the Common Manual continues to provide TG customers with the fastest access to Common Manual Updates and a single source for current Common Manual policies. It is located in the "Schools & Lenders" section of TG Online.

For questions about the appeals process, contact Michelle Anderson in Policy and Regulatory Affairs, at (800) 252-9743, ext. 4608, or send an message to For questions about the integrated version of the Common Manual, contact TG Customer Support at (800) 252-9743, ext. 4444, or send an message to

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