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Shoptalk 539, February 9, 2010

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Common Manual updates

Guarantor representatives who serve on the Common Manual Governing Board have approved several changes to the Common Manual. Details on these changes and a newly updated Integrated Common Manual incorporating the changes are available on TG Online. These changes will appear in the Manual's next annual update.

Please note the effective date of each policy change. If you have questions about any of the changes, contact TG customer assistance at (800) 845-6267, or send an email message to cust.assist@tgslc.org.

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Ask the policy expert

Q.: We have a borrower who had a prior loan discharged due to total and permanent disability. Last year, the borrower took out a new Stafford loan and provided us with a physician's statement certifying that the borrower was able to engage in substantial gainful activity. The borrower also provided us with a signed statement acknowledging that the new loan can't be discharged later for any present impairment unless her condition deteriorates so that she is again totally and permanently disabled. This year, the borrower wants to take out another new Stafford loan. Does the borrower need to provide the same documentation again this year, or can we use copies of the documents provided last year?

A.: The student only needs to obtain the physician certification once; the school keeps a copy of it in the student's file. However, the school must collect a new borrower acknowledgment from the student for each new loan. See the Federal Student Aid Handbook, 1-51.

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