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English-Spanish Glossary

TG provides the online version of the English-Spanish Glossary of Student Financial Aid and Postsecondary Education to assist the financial aid community and the general public in locating the Spanish equivalent of English terms used in student financial aid and the higher education arena.

To search for a term, enter the English term to find the Spanish equivalent, then click "Search."

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Service Marks: The U.S. Department of Education has service marks on the following terms: Direct Lending, Direct Loan Program, FAFSA®, FAFSA4caster, FAFSA on the Phone, FAFSA on the Web, Federal Family Education Loan Program, FFELP, NSLDS®, and National Student Loan Data System.

Please note that these terms are not to be translated into Spanish. While the glossary provides definitions in Spanish for some of the service-marked terms, these entries serve as explanatory text and are not meant to serve as a direct translation.