Texas Financial Aid Information Center


Texas Financial Aid Information Center

This call could help change your family's future.

The Texas Financial Aid Information Center (TFAIC) is a free public service available to all Texas students and families wanting to pursue a higher education. Created in 1999, TFAIC is a collaborative effort between the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and TG.

Texas Financial Aid Information Center

Call on TFAIC to help you find federal and state resources to explore higher education opportunities, apply for admission and financial aid, find money to pay for your postsecondary education, and learn more about federal and Texas-based financial aid programs and services.

TFAIC call center representatives, who average more than 17 years experience in student financial aid, can provide:

  • Assistance with the Texas college admission process
  • Help with understanding and applying for federal and state student financial aid
  • Support in English and Spanish

No personal information is required in order to receive assistance.

Counselors also have free information packets they can send you, and TFAIC can provide telephone numbers and Web addresses for other helpful resources available in your community.

TFAIC representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Central Time. You may also reach TFAIC representatives via email at

Watch the videos

To help promote TFAIC's services, a multimedia campaign in Spanish and English was launched in 2010. To find out how to distribute the following video, or to receive the radio PSA, please email

This call could help change your<br>family's future
This call could help change your
family's future
(English, 60 sec.)
Esta llamada puede cambiar<br>el futuro de su familia
Esta llamada puede cambiar
el futuro de su familia
(Español, 30 sec.)

Radio PSAs are also available in English and Spanish.

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